Old Ratcliffians

Written on 29th March 2013

The Ratcliffian Association is the society of former pupils of Ratcliffe

The Ratcliffian Association was founded in 1865 when a group of past pupils met at Ratcliffe and bought the Associationinto being. The Ratcliffian Association and its members believe that its objectives will benefit the interest of both the School and Old Ratcliffians
and its objectives are:

  1. To foster in Old Ratcliffians a spirit of loyalty to their Alma Mater and to encourage practical interest in her welfare, and to provide a link of union and sympathy between all generations of Old Ratcliffians. · 
  2. To encourage the development of the Roman Catholic faith.
  3. To unite Old Ratcliffians by means of social and sporting events and by continuing to assist in the production and distribution of the Ratcliffian magazine.
  4. To assist in the preservation of archive material of Ratcliffe College.
  5. To manage the Ratcliffian Association and Cunningham Fund; to help provide grants, bursaries and legacies for the pupils and for the good of Ratcliffe.