Report on the ORs vs School Hockey at the OR Sports Day - Sunday 12th March 2017

Sunday 12th March 2017 - OR Sports Day - Match Report from the ORs vs School Hockey.

Old Ratcliffians 3 - 2 School

Despite the youthful look to the Old Boys we knew the School would have the legs to match the experience the Old Boys usually bring to the party. As usual the message for the Old Boys was clear, let the ball do the work and save our legs as we will need them towards the end of the game. But as is common we forget this message and try to show the young uns that we still have the skills and need to show them off as much as possible.

It was clear that the School had the skills to match and it would come down to how we used the ball rather than how much ball we had would be the key. If this was a boxing match we would probably have been counted out or been on the end of a technical KO as the School dominated the game in all aspects, except the crucial one....the scoreboard.

After the School created numerous chances and the penalty corner defence did their job on 2 occasions the Old Boys took the lead through the trusted reverse stick of captain James Taylor. A second goal for the Old Boys came from Phil Lawton (welcome back Bill) who decided to continue the trend of scoring on the reverse stick. The school got one goal back before James Taylor re-established a 2 goal lead as he weaved his way round 2 defenders and the goalkeeper before finding the empty net. The game was thrown up in the air with a second goal for the School making the last 5 minutes a tense, nerve racking experience but thankfully we saw the game out to retain the trophy.

For some reason it was more of a struggle to get a team together but thankfully 11 fairly young Old Boys joined me for the start of the game before Saroj saved me from being the oldest Old Boy (thanks for turning up Binks!)

Thank you to the School 1st XI for continuing to buy into the experience and I hope to see some of you doing my running in the future!! Thanks to Danny Willcock and Nigel Taylor for umpiring.

James Taylor (04)


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