This year’s Reynard Trophy was played on Friday 7th July at Park Hill Golf Club, just a field away from our Alma Mater.


After some uncertainty in the run up to the tournament a field of 16 golfers was eventually assembled featuring locals, Londoners and Etienne and Catherine Vicarot who had travelled from Orleans to be with us.


The players were Abe Mee, Andy Yell, John Mulligan, Tom Mulligan, Etienne Vicariot, Catherine Vicariot, Richard Gamble, Bernard Murphy, James Fagence-Browne, James Perry, Dave Morris, Matt Pike, Gianpaolo Mantini, Adrian Farnham, Dom Howkins and James Carlisle.


In the first group, Andrew Yell played very good golf but the Park Hill fairways gave him some capricious bounces. Tom Mulligan is a promising golfer who conjured up some exquisite ball striking. Tom’s father John was very consistent with the putter. Then, GP, Dom, James and Webby (A. Farnham) were engaged in a compelling game of golf with the scores ebbing and flowing. Coming down the last hole, Webby and James were neck and neck with James chipping from off the green to hit the pin only to come to rest 3 inches out. The Fagence-Browne group could be heard fairways away with exultant cheering at booming drives, glorious approaches and long puts and the and laughing at occasional imperfections.


The veterans brought up the rear with Richard and Bernard engaged in a gripping contest within a contest playing for high a big personal wager. Etienne and Catherine played fine golf and were lucky enough to be exposed to Bernard’s fantastic repertoire of mainly true stories.


Before we got to the prizes, it being Friday, we were treated to fresh fish and chips and Park Hill were excellent hosts.


The winner of the Ladies Prize was Catherine Vicariot with 30 Stableford Points. James Carlisle hit the longest drive and Abe Mee nearest the pin. In the men’s event, James Carlisle scored 34 points, Webby (A. Farnham) 34 points (with 22 points on the back 9) and Abe Mee surprisingly acquired 35 points all playing of 90% of handicaps (it would have been one more point each off full handicap).


Thank you to all the golfers who were able to support his year’s event and special thanks to Alex Slack for organising the prizes.


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