The Ratcliffian Association welcomed back the 5 year leavers for cocktails in the Old Boys Bar.

The Ratcliffian Association welcomed back the 5 year leavers for cocktails in the Old Boys Bar. The group were lucky to have such good weather and many took the opportunity to arrive early and have a tour around their old School. Some of the ORs commented that while the School had changed since they’d left it still very much felt the same.

Once the tour was over they headed back to the Old Boys Bar to enjoy the cocktails and canapés on offer. The three cocktails were a Tom Collins, a Mojito and a Cosmopolitan with other drinks available too.

With a good number from the year group attending the room had a fantastic atmosphere. The ORs caught up with their old classmates, finding out what they’d all been up to in the 5 years since they’d left School.

Both Mr Ryce (Deputy Head, Academic) & Mr Walsh (Religious Studies Teacher) attended, with Mr Ryce meeting the ORs getting a sense of what the School was like before he arrived, and Mr Walsh discovering what his past pupils had gone on to do.

Many of the ORs took advantage of the photo booth that had been set up. (Photos available soon). As they had photos with old friends they hadn’t seen in ages.

Towards the end of the evening Alex Slack (03) brought the ORs together the present their leavers video and to thank those who contributed to the event. She first thanked the bar and catering staff who had provided the cocktails and canapés.  She thanked Lara Addison (current Ratcliffe Student) for taking photos of the night. Alex then gave special thanks to George Herrick (12) for setting the event into motion when he asked for one a few months previously. Alex’s last thank you was to Sarah Kerridge (12), who works for the Ratcliffe Foundation, for being a huge help towards the night, as Alex is still recovering from a broken leg.

Taxis arrived at 11pm to take the ORs on to continue the night out in Loughborough.

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