This year the College has just enjoyed some of the best public examination results in its history, soundly beating the local opposition including Loughborough, Leicester, Uppingham, Oakham as well as the other large Catholic boarding schools such Ampleforth and Stonyhurst.


With 49% of all our A Level students obtaining an A or A* The Times placed us at 61st in their interpretation of academic progress at A Level (source: The Times 26 Aug 2017)


While many people fixate on league tables, where we continue to perform strongly in absolute terms, what really matters, of course, is how much value we have added to a student’s performance between GCSE and A Level. Assessing the School’s examination results, using value-added measures, helps us to judge exactly how good these results are, taking into account the achievement of students prior to commencing their A Levels.


‘Value-added’ data tells us if students reach their full potential and for A Levels, an independent company called ALPS ( measures our performance. Based upon our students’ GCSE performances, the school’s A Level results have placed us in the top 10% nationally for ‘value-added’ for the last three years.  We can, therefore, say with absolute confidence that most students reach their full potential academically at Ratcliffe College.


“This is a fantastic achievement, and a great reflection on the commitment of our teachers, the support of Governors and parents, and of course, the work ethic of our students,” said Jon Reddin, Headmaster.


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