On Sunday 13th March ORs dusted off their trainers to play Football, Netball and Hockey against the Pupils.

Yet again the Annual Sports Day has come around once more. Three sports were represented this year. Hockey, Netball and we welcomed back Football.

We had over 80 participants including ORs, Staff, Parents, Guests and pupils all playing their part, either coaching, playing or spectating. It was fantastic atmosphere and the sun shone.

The ‘Sue Roberts Netball’ results were first in and the pupil’s fitness, skills and young age gave them a winning score. Ratcliffe 47, Old Ratcliffians 17.

Next, the ‘Thistlethwaite Men’s Hockey’ results followed and the school had another victory but the Old Boys certainly put up a fight and it was a very close game. Ratcliffe 2, Old Ratcliffians 1.

Finally the ‘Halley Football’ match finished last because they ended up playing an 8 a side friendly against the school and the players were having so much fun that they didn’t want to leave the pitch! The Old Boys finally took victory in this friendly match. A full 11 a side football match will be played again on Sunday 11th September. If you are interested in playing, please do contact Alex Slack on 01509817054.

Our thanks must go to the OR captains for organising their teams to play against the College - James Taylor for the hockey, Hannah Tyler for the netball and Simon Gray for the football.

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Our first match report is in from Hannah - the OR Netball Captain. She writes:


Old Ratcliffian vs Ratcliffe 1st March 2016

With an accumulated age of 186 and varying degrees of fitness from the red-faced and sweaty to those of us clutching at our sides after the gentlest of warm ups, we knew the Old Ratcliffians game would be a real test of our pride, not to embarrass ourselves in front of one another and more importantly maintain the illusion that we were all still up to the standard of our formative years.

We entered the game with high hopes, believing that this might just be the year that the Old Ratcliffians would snatch victory. We had a full team, and even a reserve. Things were looking good. Even the pre-match team talk was one of glory, and discussion over who we should thank in our winner’s speech. We were up for it.

Our confidence however, lasted all of 20 seconds. Ratcliffe got the ball, whizzed it from hand to hand, before sticking it in the net. The Old Ratcliffian mind-set shifted from one of impending victory to maintaining our respectability as former first-team players. But we kept going, battled on and, as the quarters passed, rekindled the odd flicker of cohesion and slick passing we thought might have been gone forever. There was some excellent shooting from India Kirkpatrick and Alexandra Slack-Gamble, not to mention great defence by Holly Allison and Katie Gerighty. A special pat on the back should go to Ella Coulthard, Becky Taylor and Becca Pawley, who really put their fitness to the test, running flat out in the centre third.

We did create some magic moments, where we almost felt a possibility of shrinking the gap between the young and old, the outstanding Ratcliffe first-team and us Oldies. However, much like our aged selves, time was not on our side and Ratcliffe proved to us why they have England trialists among their ranks.

Unfortunately, we did not win. We never came close. For those who might, for some unknown reason, be a little bit interested, the score was 47-14. But, shhh, let’s not talk about that. And, anyway, it could never reflect the fun and enjoyment the new rosey-cheeked Old Ratcliffians had coming back together to play 40 minutes of netball, although it felt like a lot longer.

But, as ever, we were welcomed back as if no time had passed at all. It was lovely to be welcomed back by the current first-team, by our old teachers and to wander around the grounds and reminisce about the good old days.

On behalf of the Old Ratcliffians we thank Mrs Taylor and Ms Roberts for their continued support, their sympathetic umpiring of our interesting and questionable netball skills, and all those family and friends that come and support the Old Ratcliffian games.

And who knows? Maybe next year I can pick some of the new girls and get the Old Ratcliffians back on the score board!

Hannah Tyler 2011

Alumni Captain

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